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Sorry, i swear this is the last one [10 Jun 2005|05:48am]


Okay, i know i just posted like... three hours ago... but... I have more angsting to do. I swear i'm not always like this, i'm just having a particularly... angsty few days..  it's the ... ex boyfriend thing.


In case you'd rather skip the third CAPSLOCK in 48 hours.. hahaCollapse )

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Sorry. Second rant in two days. [10 Jun 2005|01:59am]

I really am nothing but a scared, pathetic little girl.

I'm so, SO sick of feeling so incredibly lost... If this is just what it means to be a teenager, how do we have any adult population left? I swear, if this isn't over with quickly, i may just not last.

I'm so, so lost...

Sorry. I tend to get depressed at 2 AM, when no one's around...
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