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Capslock Elite

Because the elite need some help as well...

Capslock Elite An advice section of Hogwarts Elite
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All Members
A place for members of Hogwarts Elite to get advice/help for different things in their personal life. You may rant, rave, vent, or ask questions and recieve help, answers or encourgement from your fellow students.


01.) Be respectful to your fellow students and mods.
02.) No mocking allowed.
03.) Everything is confidental. Whatever happens in capslock_elite stays in capslock_elite.
04.) No drama between students. Only real life drama allowed.
05.) Help each other.
06.) All posts should be friends-locked to this community like they are in the rest of the hogwarts_elite communities.

If you have any questions or any problems in the community then please contact the Mods.

-- is_evergreen

-- alexander

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